Friday, 14 February 2020

Ko wai kaituna o te wiki?

Rhys shared his recipe for pancakes with Ruma Waru. Delicious.

The clean-up was intense!

The pancakes were moreish!

Summer Learners

Superb summer learners!

Monday, 2 December 2019

Important Notice re year 8 Surfing Session

Dear parents, students and whanau

Due to the forecast inclement weather conditions (thunder and lightning and heavy rain) and on the advice of West Coast Surf, the decision has been made to cancel the Year 8 surfing session at Tauranga Bay on Tuesday 3rd December 2019.  

There is no postponement date however I do recommend that families look into contacting West Coast Surf regarding surfing sessions over the summer holiday break.  Mark Perana is one of the top surfing coaches in New Zealand and he and Leeann Hill provide an excellent introduction to this sport.

Year 8 students will be expected to attend school in their uniform on Tuesday for another scintillating day of learning in the classroom. ;-)

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Special Effects with Photography

Callan and Cullam trick the eye with this illusion. 

Cooper and James used perspective shots to create the illusion of a giant soccer ball being pushed by a teeny-tiny Cooper.

Rian and Cameron used perspective shots to create the illusion of Rian riding a giant skateboard.

Police Blue Light "Big Day Out"

Aimee, Constable Terri, Mrs Truman(tumuaki) and Eamon.

Aimee joins the back seat crew.
Congratulations to Eamon and Aimee, our choice of Year 8 students for the police "Big Day Out".  These two students work hard on their academic goals, demonstrate kindness and inclusion towards others, and are just two very nice young people.  We are proud of them and delighted to be able to invite them to enjoy this fun day out.  Thank you to the members of the Greymouth Police Force who helped to organise the day especially Terri and Mike.
Eamon rides shotgun with Constable Terri.

Monday, 18 November 2019

William Pike Wilderness Trail Ride

Rebekah arrives at the lunch stop.

Billie's perch.

Sam and Matt nibble on some cyclists who did not cross with care!

Jo, David, Daniel and Charlie park up for lunch.

Tyler, Korban and Nathanael chillaxing.

Lunch time

Cyclists approach the Taramakau bridge

Jack and Cailan cycle the cambered curve.
Jo and Eamon cycle over the Taramakau clip-on.
Angus and JP led the way from Karoro Domain to the Blaketown tiphead.
Rhys cycled from Kapitea Reservoir to the sea side of the Taramakau bridge.